Forest Hills is an endearing and relaxed music enthusiast’s refuge with lovely rolling hills and gorgeous forest groves in Nashville. This stellar incorporated neighborhood boasts a small town atmosphere with an assortment of new and older homes (1940s and 1950s) in styles which include Normandy and Tudor. Forest Hills’ dwellings are characterized by large lots and stunning views of pristine hills and lush forests.

This sparkling gem of a community hosts great amenities which consist of a superb infrastructure (close to downtown Nashville), prestigious colleges (Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities), a number of esteemed private and public schools, beautiful national parks (Bicentennial Mall State Park and Carnton Plantation), exceptional museums and art galleries (Cannonsburgh Village), several outstanding golf courses, many concert venues and theaters, and a large quantity of family fun centers.

Forest Hills boasts other attractions as well which include the 67.000 seat Adelphia Coliseum (home to the NFL Titans), the fantastic Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Grand Ole Opry House, Wave Country (a water slide and amusement park), and a fabulous botanical garden and art museum (Cheekwood). Nashville is blessed with a solid economy and offers diverse occupational options such as high tech corporations, retail businesses, banking firms, transportation companies, and manufacturing industries.

Forest Hills is a direct reflection of the prosperity Nashville has enjoyed over the past decades. Since 1970, hundreds of dwellings have been built in Forest Hills. The town retains its natural beauty, however, and many historic buildings are still in place. You will still find lush green fields and towering trees, as well as the McCrory Mayfield House, which was built around 1798.

Community Statistics:

The average house/condo price in Forest Hills is $464,700.

Population: 5,319

Median resident age: 45.1 years

Median household income: $127,500