Brentwood is a family-oriented, affluent, historic neighborhood in Nashville. This highly desirable, vibrant development is home to gorgeous, smaller town home communities and larger gated communities which were carved out of old horse and dairy farms and enjoy a peaceful setting. Brentwood features fabulous amenities which include a spectacular infrastructure (near downtown and the Nashville International Airport), reputable schools (including the high ranking Brentwood High School), breath-taking parks (Granny White Park), excellent shopping options (Cool Springs Mall and Green Hills Mall), first rate restaurants, and a marvelous library. This dazzling jewel of a community boasts a thriving business district and benefits from Nashville’s stable economy in the high tech, retail, banking, transportation, and manufacturing industries as well.

Brentwood enjoys close proximity to esteemed colleges (Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities), stunning national parks (Bicentennial Mall State Park and Carnton Plantation), many excellent golf courses, various concert venues and theaters, the 67,000 seat  Adelphia Coliseum (home to the NFL Titans), the Grand Ole Opry House, and Wave Country (a water slide and amusement park).

Brentwood consists of 41.23 square miles with a population just over 35,000. Within this relatively small community you will find 90% of the land is residential or recreational use and the remaining 10% commercial space. Homes in Brentwood span the range from new and existing construction in typical residential communities, existing homes in older established neighborhoods, and historic estates and mansions. In order to keep population density down, Brentwood has recently enacted a 1-acre lot minimum on new construction going forward. Over 60 residential subdivisions are included within the city of Brentwood. Because of its central location in the area as well as the rapid growth in property values it has become one of the most coveted locations for executives and other professionals relocating to Middle Tennessee.

Brentwood spans both Williamson and Davidson Counties and there are vast differences in prices between the two counties. In 2007 Brentwood homes in Williamson County sold for an average of $690,000 while in Davidson County the average was $334,000. Part of this vast difference is the average square footage of a Brentwood home in Williamson County is 4,160 while in Davidson County the average home is 2,800 square feet, but property in Williamson County generally commands a higher price tag.

Brentwood is proudly known as a ‘pillow community’ because it is primarily residential and the crime rate is very low. Brentwood public and private schools are recognized throughout the Southeast and our youth soccer program is known nationally.

Community Statistics:

Population: 35,747

Median resident age: 40.3 years

Median household income: $94,590